Heber Athletics

A photo of students playing baseball.

Heber School’s Athletic Program continues to build the school’s tradition of academic and athletic excellence. Heber School’s dedicated and caring coaches teach students essential skills and valuable lessons that will endure long after leaving our school: sportsmanship, leadership, commitment, critical thinking, time management, self-discipline, and appreciation of sports.

The Athletic Department’s objectives are to promote interest and participation of all students in a variety of activities and to provide opportunities for physical activity. We believe that recreational and physical activities help students develop positive habits and social attitudes, self-discipline, confidence, and self-esteem.

Heber School is a member of the Imperial County Elementary Athletic Association (ICEAA). Our school participates in athletic competitions with other Imperial Valley Junior High Schools in ICEAA: Holtville, Corfman, Frank Wright, Bill Young, Kennedy, Wilson, and Barbara Worth.
The Athletic Program at Heber School involves cooperation and responsibility from the entire Heber Elementary School District, student athletes, coaches, parents, and the community. 

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Game Schedule

Athletic Program Staff



Practice Time

Softball 6th/7th

Coach De La Rosa


Softball 8th

Coach Lozano


Basketball 6th/7th

Coach Garcia


Basketball 8th

Coach Casillas